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Can’t find that unique art work, photograph or wall paper to match your interior or fit perfectly into your space Madeit4you specialises in creating unique, bespoke art work and wall paper, that will give your interior space a definitive design edge. we can created PEEL OFF WALL PAPER from any designs from our canvas page, or photography by Susan Ferris , or if you have your own creative idea talk to us for a new design. All at prices you can afford………….MORE ┬áIMAGES COMING SOON.

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A painting is a individual piece of art to suit each client or room, you may have many request to individualize your canvas, so before you order, please ring or email us to discuss your canvas. Each canvas is painted to order, whilst we try to stay true to the original you have ordered, there is always a slight variations with paintings and this makes them unique, minimum order $350

When making the purchase, you agree to the Terms and Service. Once we receive your order form, we will email you an invoice including delivery costs, please allow 2 to 3 weeks from payment date for delivery.